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  • Chrissie Swan

    The yellow wall dots and airplane mobile that you kindly gifted me as part of [The Circle] makeover for Leo's room with Salvation Jane brings me SO much joy on a daily basis... You're so generous and I can't thank you enough.

  • Donna Robinson

    Favourite moment of last 10 years - Sitting on the Wikkelso V11 for the first time. I'll never forget the feeling of the leather and it's ruined me for any other sofas for life. Happy 10th birthday.

  • Karen Baskin

    Dear Great Dane,

    I pass your store in Prahran on the tram when I go to work. Some days I hop off the tram 5 stops early, so that i can peer through the window and admire the beautiful display of Scandinavian design in the front window. Always something to dream about.

    Today however was my favorite Great Dane experience. I visited your store with my son, jack, who turns 1 tomorrow. I wanted to buy him something special for his first birthday and thought the wooden animals by Kay Bojesen would be perfect. In the store my son was mesmerized by the mobiles, but when we stood in front of the shelf of wooden animals, he smiled at the wooden bear. That was it...the perfect gift for my beautiful boy for his first birthday. 

    Thank you Great Dane!

    Happy tenth birthday. 

  • Natalie Walton

    Pick up an interiors magazine these days and you'll find at least one home with the modernist or Scandinavian look. Great Dane is where you go to buy the clean-lined, non-replica furniture.

  • Rob Harper

    We get a lot of use out of that bench, it's not something I thought I needed, but it's now a pretty essential piece of furniture. So much so that the joinery and furniture layout of our new place has been adjusted to accommodate it.

  • Rosetta Scalise Saccaro

    Congratulations on 10 years...I have admired your Prahran store for many years...love all your products in particular the Kay Bojesen Monkey (for my little boy) & the Arne Vodder range!

  • Sandra Dorse

    My daughter and I would love to come to your celebration. She has just started a degree in Architecture and really appreciates Danish design. Our favourite moment would have to be purchasing our library ladder, simple, beautiful and very functional! 

  • Seth Van Buren

    The chairs are unbelievable. Natasha and I can't stop ourselves from sitting in them all the time, they are just wonderful. Thanks Great Dane!

  • Sue and Bill Spicer

    Our favourite (and best) Great Dane moment was walking through the door for the first time about 8 years ago and discovering the world of Great Dane. Our lives were forever changed.